About Us

Debra Daugherty is a Central Illinois Author who writes for children. Her publications include: Let Your Imagination Soar!, GuardianAngelKids, August, 2013; CALAMITY CAT, MeeGenius/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013, The Mystery of the Ghostly Thief, GuardianAngelKids, December, 2014, THE DRAGON'S RING, CleanReads/Astraea Press, 2016.


History of project

Besides being a member of SCBWI, I belong to a local writers group called Scribes. We meet once a month for support and to get critiques of our work. Our meeting place is usually The Centrum Cafe in Springfield, IL. At our last meeting we set goals for ourselves, and one of my goals was to have an online presence. This is the beginning of fulfulling that goal.

Our users

I hope with my blog to be able to connect with other writers of children stories. I want us to share ideas and comments, and to provide help and support for each other as we strive to have our books published and our voices heard.